Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hello Patriots! I hope you had a great weekend. As most folks may have heard, there is a national movement for students to walk out of school on March 14th, the one month anniversary of the Parkland Florida incident. We have been talking with parents, teachers, students, and law enforcement to develop a good plan to ensure all of our Patriots are safe. Many students and parents have expressed a feeling of being unsafe walking out of a secure building, and I agree that we don’t need our students to put themselves in harm’s way.  The plan that our students came up with to remember the victims of Parkland and show unity at The Fort, is for students to walk out of class, if they choose, and unite arms with fellow classmates in the hallway. For seventeen minutes, students will unite together as we remember the victims. We will be on an activity schedule so instructional time isn’t missed. The Fort will also participate in the “What is your 17” campaign which was thought up by students where Patriots make a pledge to preform acts of kindness. Please encourage your child to stay safe and stay inside the building, participating in this unity event at The Fort. Thank you for your support of our school and the students. 

Happening at The Fort

Weekly Events at The Fort:

School Board Meeting
Boy Golf @ Bengal Invitation Columbia
Softball @ ARHS
Baseball @ home v. ARHS

Josten's Renaissance Conference @ Cain Bay
Boy Golf @ Bengal Invitation Columbia
Boys Tennis @ Stratford
Girls Soccer @ Wando
Boys Soccer @ Home v. Wando
JV Baseball @ Home v. ARHS

School Leadership Meeting- 8am
Baseball @ ARHS
Softball @ Home v. SHS
Track @ Berkeley

Baseball @ Home v. Stratford
Softball @ Home v. Stratford
Girls Soccer @ SHS
Boys Soccer @ home v. SHS

Boys Golf @ Panther Invitational
Track @ W. Ashley
JV Baseball @ Stratford
Baseball @ Home v. Holy Innocents

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